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What is a Sexual Health Educator?

10 January 2022

What is a Sexual Health Educator?

Let me introduce myself. I’m Lisa, a sexual health educator for the last 20 years. I have a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, focusing on sexual education. In 2002, I went to a party with my girlfriends and was introduced to the concept of relationship enhancement parties. No, we aren’t talking about orgies, these are presentations where a lady is up at the front of the room and shows a bunch of bedroom toys, lubricants, etc.

I was immediately mesmerized by this presentation. I loved learning about products to incorporate into foreplay, edible powders and cremes, lubricants and vibrating toys. The education I was receiving was nothing like I got in school and I enjoyed the relaxed environment we were in. As soon as I left the party, with a bag full of goodies, I knew this was something I wanted to do. I signed up to be a consultant the next day.

Over the next 13 years I embraced my role as a sexual health educator and expanded my knowledge in this field. I worked with doctors, clinics, cancer groups and thousands of women across the United States. I helped women and couples learn about sexual side effects they experienced through medical treatments and medications and how to overcome these challenges through communication, foreplay, enhancement creams and toys. I spent countless hours talking with women about problems they faced that made them feel abnormal and never felt comfortable talking about with anyone else. I provided a safe space for people to explore their sexuality and learn how to embrace and love themselves.

To say this has been one of the most fulfilling careers I have ever had is an understatement. I’ve cherished the number of personal stories I’ve had from people, both women and men, who have contacted me over the years and shared how I helped them in their relationships or their sexual wellbeing. The ability to make huge impacts in someone’s life is priceless.

In 2015 I decided to change my profession. I found it challenging in Australia to find women who were willing to be vulnerable and open up about their personal issues related to their sexuality. I received a lot of push back that what I offered was ‘dirty’, unnecessary, and only things that should be talked about with their partner behind closed doors. Like many women around the world I realized Australian woman were struggling with accepting a ‘shame free’ approach to their bodies and sex lives.

When Covid-19 became the new normal I found myself in a space I was unfamiliar with. I didn’t feel like I had a purpose anymore and I wasn’t in a position where I could help anyone. In January 2021 I realized that I missed educating and helping people who where struggling with their sexuality and sexual health. So what did I do? I reached out to a few different businesses that focused on relationships and sexuality and I found my passion again.

If you are looking to talk to someone about concerns you may have in your relationship, with your sexuality or a sexual health issue I encourage you to contact us at

Our Second Blog Entry

14 February 2020

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Our First Blog Entry

15 January 2020

Click this text to start editing. This blog block is a great way to share informative entries with your visitors. You can click the green +/- button to add new entries.